The Midlander

The Midlander is the quarterly publication of the Society. The Midlander features articles and rare photos on the railroads we cover. A brief overview of each issue follows:

Volume 1, Number 1 - SOLD OUT!

Garret Hobart: President of Paterson's own railroad, Delaware Valley Railroad, Railcars on the Blairstown Railway

Volume 1, Number 2 - SOLD OUT!

Wilkes Barre & Eastern: Part I, NYS&W in Stroudsburg, Greenwood Lake end of the New York & Greenwood Lake Railway

Volume 1, Number 3 - SOLD OUT!

Wilkes Barre & Eastern: Part II, All-time Middletown & New Jersey roster, Lehigh & Hudson River seeks freight business

Volume 1, Number 4 - SOLD OUT!

A look back at the L&HR by its last president, Detailing a Susquehanna RS-1, campaign train on the Middletown & New Jersey

Volume 2, Number 1 - SOLD OUT!

The last NYS&W steam locomotive, Bringing a Russian Decapod home, Extension on the NY&GL Orange Branch, NYS&W excursions from Stroudsburg

Volume 2, Number 2 - SOLD OUT!

Part I of a history of the Middletown, Unionville & Water Gap; To Coney Island by Rail; and a look at the NYS&W #200 at Edgewater

Volume 2, Number 3

Part II of a history of the Middletown, Unionville & Water Gap; Runaway on the Greenwood Lake line.

Volume 2, Number 4 - SOLD OUT!

"Excursions of Legend: Wilkes Barre & Eastern Fan Trips"; Hoboken Shore Railroad.

Volume 3, Number 1 - SOLD OUT!

Great fan trips of the 1930's and 40's; Ride the NYS&W; to Hainesburg Jct.

Volume 3, Number 2

Merger of the New York, Susquehanna & Western and New York, Ontario & Western?; Discontinuance of NYS&W; passenger trains to PRR's Exchange Place

Volume 3, Number 3

Personal Reflections of the New Jersey & New York; Trip on the Lehigh & New England; Rockland Lake Inclined Railway

Volume 3, Number 4

Lehigh & New England's Pochunck Branch

Volume 4, Number 1

Rahway Valley Number 13, Columbia Jct. on the NYS&W; Pennsylvania Railroad to Long Beach Island

Volume 4, Number 2

Erie's Arlington Railroad; Unionville on the Middletown & Unionville; Night photo session at Little Ferry on the NYS&W

Volume 4, Number 3 and Number 4

Members received the revised version of The Next Station Will Be… Volume 1

Volume 5, Number 1 - SOLD OUT!

Lehigh & New England in New Jersey; tracing the South Mountain & Boston; Lehigh & Hudson River milk train; Allamuchy freight house

Volume 5, Number 2

Lehigh Valley's Irvington Branch; L&HR Tower at Franklin; Before "Susie-Q" - "Suskie-Hanna"

Volume 5, Number 3

Erie's Bergen Tunnel - Part 1; NYS&W's Franklin Branch; 2000 Hike; Susie-Q's Older Sister

Volume 5, Number 4

Erie's Bergen Tunnel - Part 2; Death of a Railroad (End of Lehigh Valley passenger service)

Volume 6, Number 1

Midland of NJ's Last Timetable; Passenger Service on the Erie's Orange Branch; John Treen on the NYS&W Hanford Branch

Volume 6, Number 2

NYS&W In Stroudsburg, PA; Train Orders for the Phoebe Snow

Volume 6, Number 3

Newton and the Sussex Railroad; Named Trains to the Jersey Shore; Last Train from Midvale

Volume 6, Number 4

Susquehanna – Newly Independent (Part 1); Old Communipaw; Susquehanna Connecting in 2003

Volume 7, Number 1

Early Days Montclair & Greenwood Lake (Part 1); Susquehanna – Newly Independent (Part 2)

Volume 7, Number 2

Rockaway River & Montville; Early Days Montclair & Greenwood Lake (Part 2)

Volume 7, Number 3

Rockaway River & Montville Railroad; NYS&W’s Erie 2-8-0 Camelbacks

Volume 7, Number 4

Newark’s Separate Stations; The Erie’s Fairlie Experiment; Ogdenburg’s Backwards Tunnel

Volume 8, Number 1

The Lehigh and Hudson River Freight House at Allamuchy, New Jersey

Volume 8, Number 2

First Train from Caldwell, Last Train from Greenwood Lake; The Susquehanna Station That Never Was – Prospect Avenue Hackensack

Volume 8, Number 3

The Rise and Fall of Paterson City – Part 1, Leaner and Hungrier – No Hope for the Lehigh and Hudson River?

Volume 8, Number 4

The Rise and Fall of Paterson City – Part 2, Erie Railroad’s 100 ton Car Dumper

Volume 9, Number 1

Susquehanna Inspection Trip- May 9, 1941; The New York, Harlem & Lake Erie Railroad ... A "What if" Story; Bellewood Park

Volume 9, Number 2

Rail-Industry Tour October 27, 1955 (Part One); 1961- A Derailment Prone Year for the Susquehanna

Volume 9, Number 3

Vignettes of a Railroad's "Human Side", Rail Industry Tour October 27, 1955 (Part 2)

Volume 9, Number 4

Irving Maidman Offers $1,000 if the Commuters Go Away; Handling Business at the New York Terminal- Erie Railroad

Volume 10, Number 1

Funicular Extraordinaire; The NYS&W Files for Bankruptcy; NYS&W to build River Street Newark, NJ Station

Volume 10, Number 2

Anthracite & the Susquehanna; Susquehanna Bankruptcy Chronicles Part 2; All About Anthracite by William Griffith

Volume 10, Number 3

Sterling Mountain and Its Mine Railway; The Wilkes-Barre and Eastern Problem; All About Anthracite by William Griffith Part 2 Section 1

Volume 10, Number 4

Sterling Mountain and Its Mine Railway Part Two; Debuting a Streamliner in Style; The Suffragettes "Bombing" of Rochelle Park

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